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  • Wireless System Installs in About 10 Minutes
  • You Customize Perimeter and Internal Alarm and Monitoring
  • Alarms Can Be Sent to Police/Fire Departments, as Cell Text Messages, to Specific Emails and/or Trigger Sirens and Lights
Tattletale Alarms are an easy-to-install wireless security system designed to protect electrical substations from copper theft, vandalism, or other kinds of malfeasance. Each Tattletale System can be configured to meet the particular needs of the substation or secured area. Triggered alarms are also custom configurable for alerting the Tattletale call center, local police, or personnel at your company.

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Tattletale Security Systems
Portable Wireless Security Base Unit
Typically installed in the control house, it connects with existing cellular network for alarm reporting and arming control, and up to 48 sensors and accessories with 900 MHz spread spectrum transmitters linked to the base unit. 100% wireless! The range of the sensors is 2000 ft to assure coverage for the entire substation. Boosters can be added to go as far as you need, even beyond a mile. You can add more than one booster in a chain.

Perimeter Protection
The Borderguard sensor is designed to protect the exterior of the substation structure. Borderguard is a PIR (passive
infrared motion) sensor which detects the heat energy emitted by humans. The sensor utilizes dual beams that project 40 feet from each side of the unit and is best mounted at a height of 48 inches. Both beams must be blocked at the same time to activate the sensor. This feature eliminates the potential of false alarms caused by animals in the outdoor environment. These wireless sensors mount easily using magnets.

Protect Specific Target Areas
with Motion Sensors

These PIR sensors see 40 ft. out, covering a 105° band and are designed to protect specific target
areas within the substation. The dual beam element only triggers alarms when both beams are broken – eliminating false alarms from small animals, birds, or other non-threatening triggers. These wireless sensors mount easily using magnets.

Siren & Strobe Deliver
A loud 122 db siren with strobe light can be placed anywhere within 30 ft of the base unit.